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Hispanic "Niche" Marketing

We provide strategic business solutions to companies seeking to tap, expand and successfully penetrate the Latino/Hispanic market.

The Hispanic market is the fastest growing market segment in the US, with $1 trillion in purchasing power.  The future for business growth in America lies with a successful entry or expansion into the Hispanic market

As you probably know, if you want your Hispanic plan to see profits, with a healthy return on investment, you need to approach the Hispanic marketing program with the same commitment, business principles, and investment parameters asyou would if this were a general market initiative.

Knowing which is your best Hispanic consumer segment will ensure that your marketing strategy focuses with surgical precision on the best business opportunity for your company. To do so, you must have solid market information, target-consumer data and insights, and you must test your concept or product before moving ahead with a multi-million-dollar initiative. The Hispanic marketing programs should be launched planned, supported and with a long-term budgetary commitment.

In Cultural Marketing
In-Culture Marketing is a methodology applied to Marketing that recognizes the existence of cultural programming and that there are consumer groups that have life experiences “in a different cultural setting” than ours, and therefore their tastes, values, expectations, beliefs, ways of interaction, ways of entertainment, music, dressing preferences, food, etc. tend to be different than ours, because their cultural programming is different.

E-Media Consulting
E-Media Development
Branching out into the world of e-media?  From e-newsletters, to online magazines, to social media let Good Consulting develop and launch your next e-media venture.  We pride ourselves in the ability to produce a strategic and successful release.  Our association with sister company GVS also gives you the benefit of are discounted pricing on any technical and web development work. With no learning curve, we can get your e-project up and running withiin a few months, saving you time and money.

E-Marketing Consulting
Planning a product or company launch?  A successful start up needs to create and execute a careful plan that provides enough resources to online marketing, event releases, web presence, web strategy, web trend.

E-Media Buying
Internet media buying has become an essential marketing service alongside television and radio media buying. Every year, more and more advertising budget is shifted to the Internet as companies seek better ways to target consumers and achieve a measurable return on investment (ROI).

To most traditional marketers, the Internet is a complex advertising medium with numerous channels, vast amounts of content and advertising options, and a dizzying array of technologies to plan, deliver, track and analyze online campaigns. Most DRTV and radio marketers have little idea where to spend their Internet budget, let alone how they will measure the media ratio and return on investment of their campaigns.

We can manage your online media, charting a course through the initial testing process to campaign flight across different networks, properties and ad placements. We make advertising on the Internet both easy and profitable with solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of traditional television and radio marketers.
Web & Internet Technology Consulting
Is your current site working for you? Are you paying for a monthly maintenance package? Is your brand outdated? Are you using the internet to its full potential? Let us provide you with a thorough analysis of your web presence. A focused online strategy for your company is crucial in these competive and uneasy times. We can map out your internet strategy as well as assist in executing your next internet campaign. 
Non for profit Consulting
Our purpose at GOOD Consulting Group is to help you turn your goals into a reality. Whether you want to start a non-
profit organization or take your organization to the next level, we are here to assist in every aspect of your developmental process.

Our consulting services include:
  • Board development
  • Fundraising
  • Event Planning
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Planning